Replacement coils for smok tfv8 cloud beast tankThe SMOK TFV8 Turbo Engines Replacement Coils are powerful cores introduced with the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank. Patented in design for high-performance capability, it offers unparalleled airflow performance and incredible vaping experience.It is offered in 4 different sub-ohm coils: V8-T10 (10T), V8-T8 (6.6T), V8-T6 (6.0T), and V8-Q4 (5.0T). The TFV8 TF-T10 is an ultra-performance atomizer system, featuring a 0.12ohm Kanthal Clapton build with deca (or decuple) configuration to provide unprecedented amount of power, capable of running up to 300W. The TFV8 TF-T8 features a 0.15ohm resistance with an astonishing octuple design orientation with staggering vapor production to be run up to 260W. The TFV8 TF-T6 is a 0.2ohm sextuple coil design with powerful clouds, capable of being fired up to 240W for a smoother experience. The TFV8 TF-Q4 is a 0.15 quadruple coil synonymous with tempered cloud potential while retaining superior flavor.For building enthusiasts, SMOK implements a robust V8 RBA Head (4.0T-X) with pre-installed 0.28ohm clapton dual coils. The 18mm build deck features two-post, dual terminal design to accommodate a plethora of build styles and coil structures.Please select the type from the drop down menu. Listed price is for ONE V8-RBA Head, price will adjust according to selection.Note: These TFV8 Replacement Coils are not compatible with the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank and TFV8 Big Baby Tank.Check out the TFV8 Baby Beast Replacement Coils here.Learn more about the upcoming TFV12 Replacement Coils here.SMOK TFV8 Turbo Engine Coils Features:Patented Turbo Engines Coil StructureV8-T10 Deca/Decuple Coil Patented Deca/Decuple Coil Design Kanthal Clapton Coil Material Turbo: 10T 0.12ohm rated for 50~300W, recommended 130~190W V8-T8 Octuple Coil Patented Octuple Coil Design Turbo: 6.6T 0.15ohm rated for 50~260W, recommended 120~180W V8-T6 Sextuple Coil Patented Sextuple Coil Design Turbo: 6.0T 0.2ohm rated for 50~240W, recommended 110~150W V8-Q4 Quadruple Coil Patented Quadruple Coil Design Turbo: 5.0T 0.15ohm rated for 50~180W, recommended 90~150W V8-X4 Quadruple Coil Double-Barrel Pistol Design CF Mate (Cloud & Flavor Balance Core) Turbo: 4.0T-X 0.15ohm rated 60~150W, recommended 80~120W