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Founded in 2007 by veteran skateboard pro Brad Staba, Skate Mental offers a wide selection of decks and high quality street wear, all infused with a sense of humor and crafted from premium materials that can withstand abuse.


Designed in the USA, the Genuine Leather travel case and speaker are both adorned with a custom print that playfully spoofs the beautiful, majestic outdoors. Versatile in design, the collaboration accommodates multiple preferences by featuring 2 interchangeable microG tanks, one for ground material and one for fluids.



The skate mental speaker is a good addition as the speaker does not sound bad at all. This is not at all a bad sounding speakers, powered by 2 AA batteries. The speaker sounds average but nevertheless at this price point it is much appreciated. The case does much to protect the pen from any harm while travelling.

Coming to the Micro g pen itself. It is a good piece when it comes to what it is supposed to do. The MicroG Vaporizer comes with two separate tanks, one for herbs and other for oils and concentrates. A mouthpiece that attaches to the head for inhaling. A packing tool to help with herbs, etc. Overall it is nicely packed and there is much to look forward to. A well designed box. It is an all round vaporiser that can be used both with herbs and concentrates.

This is a collaboration between skate mental and grenco science.