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Sapor RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) by wotofo The Sapor RDA is an authentic dripping atomizer from Wotofo with a top airflow system that directs airflow down onto each coil from above. The airflow system is fully adjustable with two large 12 by 2mm airflow holes which can provide massive amount of airflow. The unique position of the air holes help create turbulence and swirl inside the chamber improving vapor production. It truly makes the flavor in your liquid come out max. The building deck on the Sapor RDA has a ‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝�T‰ۡóÁ style center post with dual 2.5mm wire terminals and square negative posts milled into the deck. The atomizer also features a 6mm deep juice well and a rhodium plated copper contact for excellent conductivity. When it comes to drip tips you can either choose the included 11mm broad-cap or the PEEK friction fit drip tip. Sapor RDA Product Description *An Authentic RDA made and designed by WOTOFO *Top airflow control System , Give you rich flavor *Peek insulator made in Germany *Rhodium plated copper contact pin makes top conductivity *4 Square post with big holes, more rigidity and easy building *Standard drip tip and Wide bore cap for your preference Packaging Detail: WOTOFO Gift box Package