Secret Stash Red Bull Can

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– Material: Aluminium
– Diameter: 52 mm/2,05 in
– Height: 136 mm/5,35 in
– Weight: 180 g/6,35 oz
– Capacity: 250 ml/8,45 fl oz
– Secret storage capacity: ca. 140 ml/4,73 fl oz
– Print: Red Bull, English label

The Secret Stash Red Bull Energy Drink Can with a hidden storage is a perfectly discreet solution to camouflage whatever valuable items you want to keep unnoticed. It is made out of original aluminium Red Bull can and it is even weighted to feel full, so it will fool anyone. It has a screw off threaded lid on the top, that integrates into the can which makes it unnoticeable and safe no matter where you put it. Since it appears just like a normal energy drink can you can place it in a dorm room, office desk, your car or you can even take it with you when you travel, without people noticing it’s not real. The secret chamber is perfect for storing your small valuables like USB sticks, keys, money, jewellery, etc. It does not contain any liquid!