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These replacement Kanger Dripbox Coils are really handy to have around if you own one of Kangertech’s brilliant little ‘Dripbox’ squonk mods. While the Dripbox kit comes with two rebuildable decks, these ‘off the shelf’ replacement deck and coil units are a cheap and convenient alternative to self-building.Kanger Dripbox Coils are delivered in a pack of three. Each individual unit is sealed in its own sterile bubble. Each unit is a complete RDA deck – complete with dual, pre-wound Kanthal coils and top-quality cotton wicks.Identical to the Subdrip RDA’s in your Dripbox kit, these are authentic, Kanger Dripbox Coils with a resistance of 0.2 Ohms.Contents:3 x Kanger Dripbox Coils – sealed individually in sterile, blister packsFeatures:0.2 Ohm Subdrip RDA deck, coils and cottonFitted with 2 Kanthal coilsScrew down, bottom feed deckDual, horizontal coil formatJapanese organic cotton wicks100% Genuine – made by KangertechCompatibility:Only for use in a Kanger Dripbox ‘squonk’ mod