Introducing Haze CBD 1000mg & 500mg Gummy Bears for your CBD wellness routine. Each 100g bag holds 20 fizzy fruity bears, packing 25mg to 50mg of CBD per gummy—a tasty and discreet daily CBD dose.

- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Improve sleep quality
- Anti-inflammatory support
- Boost your immune system

Haze CBD Gummy Bears offer therapeutic CBD benefits without smoking or dealing with the taste of oil. Non-addictive and with minimal side effects, they're a safe alternative to traditional medication.

Easy to incorporate, these vegan gummies interact with receptors throughout your body, modulating pain, mood, memory, and appetite. Experience potential benefits without the hassle of measuring doses.

Specifications (Blue Bag):
- 1000mg CBD per bag
- 50mg CBD per gummy
- Vegan
- 20 gummies per bag
- 100g sized bag