SKU: VAP-038

Maybe we would say so, but we think this is simply the best vaporizer on the market! Now you’ve got a real alternative to smoking with this stylish WISPR 2 vaporizer. Powered by butane, it’s fun and funky and it means you can truly enjoy your blend where and when you want to. A larger chamber means more relaxation time and with real power assured, you get real satisfaction even with a deep draw. This model comes in a metallic blue.

Maybe the best vaporizer around, it has got a flat base that makes it easy to put down, stand up or store, wherever you happen to be.

  • ·Optimum operating temperature is 210°C / 410°F, which the WISPR 2 reaches in 30 seconds.
  • ·10 seconds to charge and 2.5 hours on one full tank.
  • ·Creates more vapor, which is smoother and more dense.
  • ·Clear gauge tells you how much fuel is left.
  • ·Two year warranty.
  • ·Flexible foldaway silicone mouthpiece available.