Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid (300mg) 30ml

Providing you with 300mg of CBD (600 x 0.5mg drops of CBD), Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid (300mg) 30ml is ideal for people looking for a mild dose of Cannabidiol (CBD). This full spectrum CBD e-liquid can be added to your favourite e-liquid or used on its own. Vaping is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of absorbing CBD.

Vitality CBD

What's Included with Your Purchase?

  • 1 x 30ml Bottle of CBD e-liquid (approximately 600 drops of 0.5mg CBD oil, totalling 300mg of CBD)
  • 1 x Pipette
  • 1 x Information booklet

How Do I Use This CBD E-Liquid?

To use the Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid, simply follow the process below:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Add the e-liquid to your refillable vape on its own or with your favourite nicotine free e-liquid.
  3. Allow to rest for a few minutes.
  4. Vape as normal.

For the correct dosage, please refer to the dosage guideline below.

How Long Does it Take for Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid to Take Effect?

Vaping is the most efficient way of absorbing CBD and its effects can be felt as soon as two or three minutes after use.

What Other Strengths of Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid Are Available?

These oral drops are also available in two other strengths:

What is the Difference Between the Strengths of Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid?

Each strength of Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid is supplied in the same size bottle (30ml). However, it is the concentration of CBD in the oil that varies. For example, in 30ml of 300mg strength CBD oil, there are 600 drops of CBD oil and each drop contains 0.5mg of CBD.

Product Name Volume of Oil Number of Drops Volume of CBD per Drop Total Amount of CBD per Bottle
Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid (1200mg) 30ml 30ml 600 2mg 1200mg
Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid (600mg) 30ml 30ml 600 1mg 600mg
Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid (300mg) 30ml 30ml 600 0.5mg 300mg

Are Other Options Available?

Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid features a natural plant flavour. If you would like something else we also offer the e-liquid with the following options:

What Dose of CBD Oil Should I Use?

Your required level of CBD will depend on your weight, as well as your pain or discomfort levels. However, we have compiled some guidelines to help you find the right daily dosage for your needs, although you will need to experiment to find the best dosage for your own needs.

Daily guidelines for Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid (300mg) 30ml:

  Weight (lbs)

Pain / Discomfort Level

  46 - 85lbs 86-150lbs 151 - 240lbs >240lbs
None/Mild 10mg (20 drops) 15mg (30 drops) 20mg (40 drops) 25mg (50 drops)
Medium 14mg (28 drops) 18mg (36 drops) 25mg (50 drops) 38mg (76 drops)
Severe 18mg (36 drops) 22mg (44 drops) 30mg (60 drops) 45mg (90 drops)

How Much CBD is in Each Drop?

For the Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid (300mg), each drop contains approximately 0.5mg of CBD meaning that, for example, a daily dose of 20 drops would provide 10mg of CBD.

How Does Vitality CBD Oil E-Liquid Vary from Other Vitality CBD Products?

Vaping is by far one of the most efficient ways of assimilating CBD. This means it only takes about two or three minutes to start feeling its effects. For the same reason its effects can last slightly shorter than other methods, usually wearing off after two or three hours.

What Other Vitality CBD Products Are Available?

There are several other methods of applying Vitality CBD:

  • Oral drops in other strengths – Oil drops which are deposited below the tongue
  • Oral spray – A fast acting spray applied under the tongue
  • E-liquid – CBD that can be taken by vaping
  • Muscle balm – A rich CBD balm to rubbed into muscles
  • Skin cream – A CBD cream absorbed through the skin

Here at Health and Care, we offer a wide selection of CBD options. Please visit our Full CBD Range to learn more about the available options.

What Does Full Spectrum Mean?

Full spectrum extract is a hemp plant extract which contains a full range of cannabinoids (including CBD), terpenes and flavonoids. These compounds together are said to produce an "entourage effect", forming a sum greater than their parts.

Vitality CBD products marked as "full spectrum" contain a range of these compounds but no THC.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol – abbreviated to CBD – is one of around 200 chemicals found in the hemp plant. Unlike other chemicals found in hemp such as THC, CBD is not a psychoactive substance and will not cause intoxication in its user regardless of dose.

Is CBD Legal?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified CBD as both safe and well tolerated. In the UK, As long as the THC content of a CBD product is below 0.2%, it is completely legal. Vitality CBD products are all completely THC-free.

Is CBD Safe?

The 2018 WHO report on CBD found it be safe and well accepted. It also found that there is no evidence of CBD being used for recreational purposes or causing any public-health issues.

Is CBD Addictive?

The WHO report found that "CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential". In other words CBD is safe to use and not addictive.

Does Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid Contain Alcohol?

The only ingredients in these oral drops are full spectrum hemp extract (which contains the CBD) and raw organic hemp seed oil. There is no alcohol in this e-liquid.

Do I Need a Prescription?

Since Cannabidiol is 100% legal in the UK, there is no need to seek a prescription for CBD products.

Will Vitality CBD Oil Natural Oral Drops Give Me A High?

As CBD oil does not contain THC (the psychoactive element in cannabis that gives you a "high"), it has no psychoactive effects and therefore will not feel like you have smoked marijuana or ingested a psychoactive substance.

How Long Will a Bottle of CBD E-Liquid Last?

It depends largely on the dose of CBD you are taking. Each bottle contains around 600 drops of e-liquid. If you were to use 5 drops daily, a 30ml bottle of CBD e-liquid should last for about 120 days.

What Are the Ingredients of Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid?

This Vitality CBD Oil Natural E-Liquid contains only the following ingredients:

  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Propylene glycol
  • Hemp extract
  • Sweetener