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Rave Mega Hairspray Secret Safe

These personal can safes won't hold your hair or help with your personal grooming, but may stop a thief's ability to find your most cherished treasures!

With our Diversion safe cans you can protect your valuables and keep them in plain sight with out fearing theft or detection.

Can safes work on a very simple concept, hide your possessions where nobody would think to look.

Each Diversion safe is made of an authentic brand name container so the safe appears to be just that normal product. The can safes are then filled and weighed to feel full and unopened.

Nobody would ever suspect your unopened can of hair spray is actually holding your most prized possession!

Product Details:

  • Made of authentic product containers
  • Indistinguishable from the actual product which it is emulating
  • Containers appear to be unopened with no signs of tampering, household items may contain actual product to simulate real usage.
  • Easy to use design allows you to access valuables quickly
  • Can safes are weighted to feel as if the product was full
  • Deters criminals and people in search of your goods