SKU: VAP-053

The PUFFiT X exhibits the same quality of the original model but has some worthwhile improvements. Most notably, the PUFFiT X is the first portable vaporizer on the market that uses forced air technology. Forced air has normally been the exclusive domain of table top vaporizers but here Dicreet Vape have worked it into a portable model with the aid of a fully adjustable micro fan. The fan works by pushing air through the vaporizer in ten second bursts. It is controlled by a rotary dial and is adjustable thru seven levels
Other notable improvements include the choice of color. Unlike the plain black of the original you can now choose your PUFFiT X from three colors; grey, green or purple. There is also now a battery life indicator that helps you plan and pace your vaporizer use between charges. Simply pushing down on the top cap three times will cause the LED to glow in traffic light colors to let you know how much power you have left. Green means up to 80% battery remaining, orange shows you have up to 60% remaining, red tells you that there is only 30% remaining and that it is time to recharge.

It’s not all new though. The PUFFiT X vaporizer still has the gold plated brass heating chamber (although it has been upgraded) and the advanced internal micro processor that helped the original become such a success. There is also the same, accurate temperature control that gives you precision selected temperatures from 300oF – 430oF. Discreet Vape recommend that you start out with a temperature setting somewhere between levels 6 and 8 and then make fine adjustments to suit your own personal preferences and the dry blends blend that you are using.