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Native Wicks is a new Premium untreated vaporizing cotton. Made from 100% premium Pima cotton grown in the USA. Native Wicks Pima goes through a rigorous process, being hand crafted and designed for vaping. Native Wicks cotton has little to no break in period and an extremely clean taste. Pima cotton fibers are the most durable and absorbent cotton fibers found on earth. no matter what build or atomizer you are using Native Wicks will improve the quality and flavor of vapor, as well as increasing build longevity.

Besides the ease of use and virtually non existent break in period it is also :
  • Grown and processed in the USA
  • Contains no pesticides, chemicals or natural oils
  • Extremely absorbent & heat resistant
Package Contents :
  • 1 x 36" Roll of Native Wicks Pima Cotton