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Magic-Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer Kit

Magic Flight is one of the leading manufacturers of portable vaporizer products in the world and for good reason. No other company has managed to create a more economical portable vaporizer that is as finely crafted or capable of beating the performance of the Magic Flight box collection.

The MFLB design is simple but effective, allowing for vaporizing on the go in many different environmentsincluding wind and cold. The small wooden box fits in the palm of the hand for discreet use. The MFLB kit comes in a handy tin that fits the vaporizer, charger, batteries, cleaning brush, sipping stem and even room for a small grinder (not included) and herb stash (also not included). 

For the perfect vapor session, be sure to finely grind up your herbs before filling the Launch Box trench. A fine grind combined with light sipping from the included stem are the keys to vapor perfection with the Magic Flight. Those vapers wanting larger clouds and big lung hits should consider a different vaporizer as this vape does tend to give lighter hits.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is composed of durable Maple, Cherry or Walnut Hardwood, a Stainless Steel Screen, Copper Plated Steel Rods, an Acrylic Cover, and a Stainless Steel Spring Clip that holds the cover to the box. The screen bonding is solder and lead free. There is also an MFLB Monocle version that adds an artistic flare to the wooden box.

These wooden vaporizers are cut and shaped by hand with the highest quality Select Grade-A lumber in the Magic Flight wood shop by their line of gifted artisans. Soil, wind, sun and seasons all have an impact on the look and character of the wood. Please make note that due to these natural and distinctive qualities, there will be a wide range of hues and variances between each individual Launch Box.

The power source for the Magic Flight Launch Box vape is a single rechargeable AA battery that provides almost instant heat up times and cools down just as quickly. Silent operation, compact case, low odor, and fast heat up times makes portable vaporizing with Magic Flight a pleasure. For more power options consider getting the Magic Flight Power Adapter which allows you to plug into a wall for unlimited power.

Many different Magic Flight accessories are available to customize your vapor experience. Magic Flight Whips are available to change the draw and make it easier to share the vape with friends. Small Magic Flight grinders that fit perfectly on top of the trench are great to have for the perfect grind. Different Magic Flight Stems are available to switch up the sipping style as well.

The Launch Box is backed by a lifetime warranty. Magic Flight is known for honoring their warranty in a timely and professional manner.