The bong simply pushes into the mask. When worn, the mask creates an airtight seal around your face, so as you inhale the mask fills up with smoke for the ultimate hit. For use with tobacco or one of these herbal blends

The bong can be filled with water or can be used without. Either way there is also a carb hole at the back of the bong in order to increase the intensity of the hit.

Gas Mask Close UpBongForGasMaskFaceThere are three options that go with using this bong.

  1. Keep your eyes closed! Unless you really dig that red eyed, puffy look.

  2. If you really can't bear to keep your eyes closed, get some protection; smaller goggles, such as swimming goggles work nicely.

  3. Be born a super hero with titanium eye shields. (And telekinesis wouldn't go amiss either - just for fun.)

Please note, colours and designs of bong may vary.