Efest LUC Blu4 4 Bay Bluetooth Charger

The Efest LUC Blu4 4 Bay Smart Battery Charger is the newest battery charger from the acclaimed LUC line, pairing Efest's tried and true charging hardware and software with a revised Bluetooth connected application that allows users to control various functions of the charger as well as receive detailed feedback on charging state and status.. The Blu4 features a four bay design, with diagonally loaded slots that feature strengthened steel construction rated for heavy duty use and application. The diagonal design allows for a streamlined form factor with a smaller profile as compared to other four bay battery chargers, with a high visibility LED positioned in the top right corner of the body. The Blu4 can be operated via the single button located below the LED screen to adjust and select individual bays, with short and long press functionality. When used in conjunction with the companion Efest app, users have access to expanded information and settings, with the ability to quickly read and adjust each battery bay alongside readouts and charts that provide indepth information about charging status and progression. A helpful reminder option is also available that will automatically alert users through their phone when a battery has reached full charge. With the integration of Efest's intelligent battery charging software and hardware in a slimmer profile combined with a useful Bluetooth connected companion app, the Efest LUC Blu4 4 Bay Smart Bluetooth Charger is a perfect option for those looking for a full featured home charging solution.