If you're looking for a solid sifter grinder, then this 62mm Chongz Warped Wheel 4-Part Grinder is the perfect choice for you!

This stylish aluminum sifter grinder performs as good as it looks. The Warped Wheel consists of 4 parts that screw together. This grinder features the Chongz logo on the magnetic lid. It also features a plastic spoon for easy distribution of your sifted herbs.

With 46 razor-sharp teeth, even the toughest of herbs get shredded into finely cut pieces in a matter of seconds.

The sifter screen filters through the most potent parts of your herbs and stores it in the lower compartment that you can then use when your herb is finished or when you want to add a little extra potency.

This grinder is available in the following colors: Black and Silver. Select the color of your preference in the drop-down menu when you place your order. Get this quality Chongz Warped Wheel 4-Part Grinder here at Grasscity for the best available prices.