• ★ Large Ceramic Chamber - Located at the bottom of the vaporizer thus creating a cooler vapour.
  • ★ Magnetic Mouthpiece - The Herbva Pro boasts a magnetic mouthpiece for form and function, both Mouthpiece and Chamber are built from food grade Ceramic.
  • ★ Digital OLED Touch Screen - The Digital screen allows you to track the temperature of the device with the simple tap of the screen, no need to press the buttons.
  • ★ Advanced Temperature Control - °C/°F temperature control, variable from 149°C to 224°C (300°F to 435°F), with temperature memory setting.
  • ★ Isolate Airflow Technology - Unlike most vaporizers the Pro's vapour travels through an isolated air channel within the vaporizer to the chamber (No Nicotine Included)