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Flower Pot Diversion Portable Safe for Dorm & Apartment Storage

Burglars tend to break into dormitories a lot because there a lot of residents in a single dorm apartment or room, giving them more items to steal. However, this special portable safe for dorm use is designed to hide your valuables in plain sight, ensuring no thief will ever find your cash, phone, and other items.

The Flower Pot Diversion Safe looks exactly as its name suggests. It looks exactly like an ordinary flower pot. If a thief were to look directly at it, they would think nothing of it. Most thieves would not even notice it and would completely ignore it, never realizing all your valuables are hidden inside a secret compartment in the pot.

You can buy diversion safes online and all of them are designed for one purpose: to hide your valuables in plain sight. They look like ordinary objects but in fact have hidden compartments that can hide your cash and other valuables. This portable key safe goes a step beyond by letting you use it as a real pot.

Unlike most safes found in any diversion safe shop, this one allows you to use it as the item it is disguised as. This means you can fill it with soil and put real flowers in it. Put this in your dormitory room and it will look like any ordinary decoration. Any burglar that sees it would ignore it.

Even without soil and flowers in it, the safe has been given extra weight in order to feel as heavy as a real pot. The weight is distributed evenly to ensure it feels natural. Any burglar that gets suspicious about it will lose all interest when they actually lift it up.

Underneath is where the hidden compartment is located. The interiors of this compartment measure 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, which is more than enough space to hide cash, credit cards, passports, IDs, watches, necklaces, rings, small phones, car keys, and others.

Because this is a kind of safe that does not need to be installed, you can bring around with you. If you are driving, you can keep it in your trunk. Hide your valuables inside whenever you need to leave the car and any thief breaking into your vehicle will fail to steal anything of import.

Do keep in mind that the color of the flower pot diversion safe does vary, so while you might get a green one, it is also very likely your next one will be orange. All of them are designed to look like a real flower pot so at least you can be sure you won’t end up getting one with a ridiculous color that makes it look suspicious.

There are other kinds of diversion safes if this is not enough for you. You can find home safes designed as books, wall sockets, clocks, and even can safes. All of them allow you to hide your valuables out in the open instead of unreliably stashing your items underneath your bed or in the drawers.

Interior Safe Dimensions: 3 1/2 x 3 1/2

Size 205mm (w) x 220mm (h) x 160mm (d)


Color of Flower Pot may Vary